Friday, November 6, 2009

Jack the Pelican Presents Lisa Ludwig's "Art Neighborhood."

"Jack the Pelican was delighted to present Lisa Ludwig's "Art Neighborhood." It's about our neighborhood. But more, it's about building a neighborhood—a new and better one, for all of us".
"This living and organically-evolving shantytown portrait of her/our community is ripe for the time (Hello Recession Creativity 101) and, for art people, a welcome respite from the nastiness of ourselves, without an ounce of cynicism. This is a show for everyone—literally, everyone is invited to participate. Come by and see for yourself how it just keeps growing and growing..."-Jack the Pelican Presents Website.

 To read more about Jack the Pelican Presents and Lisa Ludwig's "Art Neighborhood" visit:

Photography by Jason Geller.





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